Brier Fork Creek Restoration Project

(Meridianville, Alabama)

Project Description: Restored over 2,600 lnear feet of stream channel using natural channel design techniques

Tasks Performed:

  • Habitat and stream assessment
  • Improved habitat for federally threatened slackwater darter (Etheostoma boschungi)
  • Design
  • Construction Oversight 



Yancey Branch Restoration Project

(Daphne, Alabama)

Project Description: Stabilized 3,600 lnear feet of stream channel using natural channel design techniques

Tasks Performed:

  • Habitat and stream assessment
  • Implemented large woody material enhancement for aquatic bug and fish habitat
  • Design
  • Construction Oversight  


Lewis Smith Developement Sipsey Fork Fish Habitat Enhancement Project (Jasper, Alabama)

Project Description: Enhanced Sipsey Fork coldwater trout fishery for Alabama Power below the Smith Lake Dam

Tasks Performed:

  • Habitat assessment
  • Installed velocity shelters and refugia habitats
  • Created convergent and divergent structures for trout resting areas
  • Implemented large woody material enhancement for aquatic bug and fish habitat
  • Design and Construction 

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Photo Credit: Alexander Vasenin

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Related Stream Restoration Projects


Living Shoreline and Tidal Wetland Restoration

Coastal Hydrology representatives assisted with design and plantings for the St. Andrew Bay Resource Management Association, Inc. in July 2011 at Pretty Bayou, Bay County, Florida to create a living shoreline natural habitat. Living shorelines are a concept for establishing stabilized coastal habitat by utilizing oyster materials and salt marsh plantings along severely eroding shorelines caused by anthropogenic and storm-induced destruction. The Pretty Bayou Project was originally planted in October 2010, but only had a 10 percent plant survival. Replanting at the same site in 2011 with approximately 2,500 Spartina alternafloria help to successfully stabilize the site. 


Lionfish Eradication

Lionfishes are venomous species of scorpionfishes native to Indo-Pacific and oceanic coral reef ecosystems. Through accidental and purposeful release into warm Atlantic waters, they have become established as voracious alien species that pose a serious threat to coastal ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico. As an aggressive ambush predator able to out-compete most native species for food resources with few known natural predators, lionfishes can quickly and alarmingly reduce local native reef fish and invertebrate populations, including the Gulf of Mexico’s’ commercially and recreationally important snapper and grouper species. 

providing solutions for habitat restoration

As a result of the already documented lionfish invasion along the Florida Panhandle, Coastal Hydrology is leading an effort to strategically cull lionfish via active and passive measures, with hopes to slow their distribution and control present populations surrounding Gulf County. In doing so, Coastal Hydrology hopes to limit the detrimental impacts of lionfish on the local reef communities as well as the residential and commercial fisheries in Gulf County. Coastal Hydrology is leading a research project focusing on recolonization rates of lionfish from total depletion from natural and man-made reefs.


Assessment of Water Quality Threats and Management Plan Development in an Unnamed Tributary to Harrand Creek

(Enterprise, Alabama)

Project Description: Documented watershed threats to water quality and developed priority

rankings for best management planning

Tasks Performed:

  • Lead coordinator for assessment and data analysis
  • Technical support 

Other Related Projects:

  • Canoe Creek Watershed Assessment and Threats Inventory, Escambia County, FL
  • Chipola River Watershed Threats Assessment, AL & FL
  • Spring Creek Watershed Threats Assessment, GA