providing solutions for habitat restoration

Coastal Hydrology's proven record with all aspects of habitat restoration from marine to riverine systems has provided flexibilty to manage and create projects in the most difficult situations. Projects that Coastal Hydrology specializes in include: living shoreline stabilization (both freshwater and saltwater environments), tidal and inland wetland enhancement and restoration, riparian and stream restoration, and land management.

Major markets we work in:

  • Land Development
  • Transportation
  • Nongovernmental Contracting
  • Mitigation Banking
  • Marine/Coastal Consulting
  • Nonindiginous Species Control
  • Land Management



Coastal Hydrology, Inc. provides specialty services to a wide range of commercial and environmental markets. Our services consist of a multi-disciplinary approach to natural resource markets such as wetland and stream mitigation, protected species recovery, hydraulic assessments, and invasive controls.