providing solutions for habitat restoration

Coastal Hydrology, Inc. has evolved as a leader in habitat assessment and restoration projects through our extensive experience in the Southeastern United States.  Initially specializing in stream restoration and construction of natural stream channels, Coastal Hydrology, Inc. has expanded its expertise into coastal and wetland recovery through various new and innovative techniques supporting success-based projects.  These projects have included shoreline stabilization treatments with the use of both natural and geosynthetic materials, re-vegetation and enhancement of upland and wetland communities, as well as invasive and exotic species removal from wetland habitats and on off-shore coastal reefs.

Solutions for Habitat Restoration

Stream Restoration Design and Engineering

Stream and River Construction

Watershed Threats Assessments and Implementation

Coastal Recovery Design and Engineering

Coastal Habitat Construction

Invasive Species Identification and Removal

Success-Based Monitoring

Conceptual Design of Natural Resource Projects

What We Offer

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Our Mission

At Coastal Hydrology, Inc., our mission is simple: to provide consulting services for a wide range of environmental restoration needs.

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We here at Coastal Hydrology, Inc. pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.